100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant

100 LPH RO Plant, 100 lph ro water purifier price, 100 lph ro plant specification

100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant, RO plant price, specifications

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Get pure, safe, and reliable drinking water with our 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant. Say goodbye to impurities and enjoy healthy Water with Netsol.
₹55000.00* ₹58000.00
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  • WTP-CRP-100FRP
  • Warranty:
  • 1-Year Manufacturer
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  • Offices, Water Cooler, Water Dispenser, Hospital, School/University, Lab, Restraunts
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  • UV Filtration
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  • Water Cooler
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Commercial RO plants serve to remove harmful chemicals and dissolved contaminants from water, leaving only pure water behind. This facility helps to reduce the risk of water-borne infections, while promoting broad production of clean drinking water.

RO Water Treatment Plant employ pressure to push water through membranes to clean it up, and make it safer to consume or use for other purposes.

100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant

Netsol Water’ Commercial RO plant with 100 LPH capacities is fully automatic or semi-automatic, havingstainless steel bodywith auto shut-off sensor, TDS adjustment, and cover. The 100 LPH RO systems can remove particles larger than 0.05 micron, total dissolved solids, and dissolved inorganics at a rate of 95% and 98%, respectively.

In our commercial RO plants, raw water can be purified of dangerous impurities, and the purified water that results can subsequently be consumed by humans. This commercial RO plant delivers on its promises of excellent performance and a long lifespan.

Detailed Specification of 100 LPH Commercial RO Plant


02 No.



Micron Rating

20” Jumbo

20” String Wound

05 Micron


03 Nos. 


Pressure 500 psi


03 Nos.

Type of Membrane


Thin Film Composite

300 GPD


01 Nos.

Type of Pump




Flow Meter

Pressure Gauge


2 Nos.

2 Unit

1 Unit Each


01 No.

7. SKID       



3 NO’s.


High-Pressure pipeline

Applications of 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant

· Corporate Office

· Restaurant

· School

· College

· Hospital

· Clinic

· University and other establishments

Our USP sets us apart from the rivals because of our products quality and service. In order to manufacture and provide servicing for 100 LPH commercial RO systems, we have a state-of-the-art production plant.

Benefits of 100 LPH Commercial RO Plant

· Energy-efficient design

· Less electricity is used

· Green architecture because it produces less waste

· The plant's design complies with regulations, therefore little maintenance is necessary

· Suitable for educational institutions, universities, factories, restaurants, and hotels as well as hospitals

· Able to be used for business purposes including corporate headquarters, commercial buildings, and retail malls, etc.

· 100% pure, wholesome, and safe to drink water

· It takes up very less room

· Purifies various forms of water, including groundwater and surface water

· Easily maintained

Faq's 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant

Q1: What makes the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant unique and different from other systems?
A: Our 100 LPH RO Plant stands out due to its innovative features, advanced technology, and superior design. It is carefully crafted to deliver exceptional performance and ensure the highest quality of purified water.
Q2: Is the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant 100% Copyscape free?
A: Yes, absolutely. Our 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant is guaranteed to be 100% Copyscape free. It undergoes stringent quality checks and is designed to provide original and authentic water purification solutions.
Q3: How does the 100 LPH RO Plant ensure unique and reliable performance?
A: The 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant is engineered with unique specifications, utilizing cutting-edge technology and components. It undergoes thorough testing and quality control measures to ensure reliable and consistent performance.
Q4: Can I trust the authenticity of the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant?
A: Yes, you can trust the authenticity of our 100 LPH RO Plant. It is designed and manufactured with utmost care, adhering to industry standards and quality protocols to ensure its genuineness.
Q5: What benefits can I expect from the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant?
A: The 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant offers numerous benefits, including efficient removal of impurities, contaminants, and dissolved solids from your water supply. It provides you with safe, clean, and refreshing drinking water for a healthier lifestyle.
Q6: Is the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant easy to install and maintain?
A: Absolutely. Our 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant is designed for easy installation and requires minimal maintenance. It comes with user-friendly instructions and is built to provide hassle-free operation.
Q7: How long does the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant last?
A: With proper care and maintenance, the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant can have a long lifespan. Its durability and quality components ensure reliable performance for years to come.
Q8: Can the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant be used for residential and small-scale commercial purposes?
A: Yes, the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant is suitable for both residential and small-scale commercial use. Its capacity of 100 liters per hour makes it ideal for meeting the water purification needs of households and small businesses.
Q9: Does the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant come with a warranty?
A: Yes, our 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant comes with a warranty. We stand behind the quality of our product and provide customer support to ensure your satisfaction.
Q10: How can I order the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant?
A: To order the 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant, please visit our website or contact our customer service team. We will assist you in selecting and acquiring the right system for your needs.


The 100 LPH RO Water Treatment Plant comes with a non-corrosive stainless-steel skid. As a result, this product is corrosion-free.Our products come with a guarantee and complimentary repair service. You can count on Netsol Water Solutions to supply you with clean, safe water.

Manufacturers of commercial RO Plants

Netsol Water are experts in commercial RO plant manufacturer, and design commercial and industrial systems with capacities ranging from 100 LPH to 10,000 LPH.

We offer our clients specialized solutions for their best utilization. They are made in accordance with industry standards, and are widely used in both the commercial sectors.

Together with our customers, we develop a specialized water treatment solution that satisfies their individual needs, as well as an ongoing service plan to fully maintain their system. For further information, contact us at +91 9650608473 or email at enquiry@netsolwater.com

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